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Top 5 Indoor Gardening Mistakes Beginners Make

by Agile on July 03, 2020

So you bought your first houseplant and you are raring to shower it with love (and water). However, did you know that watering your plant too much could end up harming your plant instead? Here are some mistakes that beginners often make – learn about them so you will not end up making the same mistakes too!

  1. Over-watering your plants

    Having a new houseplant certainly brings about much excitement, some beginners may end up overzealously watering their plants too much or too frequently. Unfortunately, too much water is bad for your plant, as water may rot the roots of plants and kill them. A sign of overwatering is when leaves turn soft and limp, and turn a brown or yellow color. It means that the plant is having too much water, causing it to turn limp.

    The frequency of watering depends on the size of the pot, the type of soil, and the depth of roots. As a general guideline, the best way to tell when your plant needs water is to use your finger and stick it 5cm into the soil. If the soil is dry to the touch, it's time for some water. Water your plant with enough water such that the top of the soil is moist (but not wet). To tell when your soil is moist, touch the soil and some soil particles should stick to your finger.  


  2. Not investing in good soil

soil in pot

Not preparing the right type of soil for your plants, or using poor quality soil, will make your plant whither faster as they are not able to get the nutrients that they need. Having good soil will give you good, strong plants. Just like how you should not feed your pet random food found on the streets, you should not use random soil dug from outside for your plant, as you do not know what the soil contains. It is best to obtain soil from a reputable gardening dealer, as they can advise on the right soil type to go best with your plant.

At Greenspace, we use our special in-house blend of Greenspace soil, which is formulated with different types of minerals and nutrients to boost different parts of plant growth. 


  1. Buying the wrong species of plant for your climate

Some plants thrive best in humid climates, while others thrive best in low temperatures. Always conduct proper research on which species of plant is best suited for the climate that you are in, before committing to a purchase.

At Greenspace, all our plants are specially selected to be suitable for the hot and humid Singapore weather. Shop our tropical plants here.


  1. Watering only the leaves of the plant

Dew on plant

We’ve been conditioned to think that water droplets on leaves makes a plant look ‘fresh’, however in reality, too much water on the leaves could cause a plant to rot or have fungal growth, especially if the plant is kept indoors and the water cannot evaporate off fast. Plants absorb water through their roots, which is why you should be watering directly into the soil instead.


  1. Giving your plant too much or too little sunlight

While sunlight is indeed essential for plants to create food, putting plants directly under a hot afternoon sun may end up burning or bleaching their leaves. On the other hand, totally not giving your plants sunlight will cause them to whither very fast as they are unable to produce food for themselves. It is best to place your houseplant under indirect sunlight, such as near a window, or under a shaded open area. 


Caring for your houseplant is not hard – and it shouldn’t be! – if you avoid these beginner gardening mistakes. Ready to buy your first houseplant? Shop here for unique and easy-to-care-for houseplants from Greenspace.