japanese bamboo plant
japanese bamboo plant

    Japanese Bamboo


      The Japanese Bamboo Plant (also known as Dracaena Surculosa) is recognisable by its unique yellow and white patches on its diamond-shaped leaves. It is also nicknamed Dracaena Gold Dust, as looks like it has gold dust on its leaves. The Japanese Bamboo Plant is a hardy plant and grows well in warm climates.

      When cared for properly, the Japanese Bamboo Plant can grow very tall, up to 2 meters. To control the height and shape of the plant, some trimming would be necessary.

      Care instructions: Place the Japanese Bamboo plant in indirect sunlight. Water it whenever the soil feels dry to the touch – soil should be damp (but not wet) at all times.

      Difficulty: ★

      Water requirements: ★

      Maximum size: ★★★★