Mermaid Alternanthera (small)


      Althernanthera plants are popular for their colorful foliage. The Mermaid Althernanthera has vibrant leaves in blended hues of pink, yellow, and green – resembling the chromatic scales of a mermaid.

      Althernanthera plants tend to grow horizontally rather than vertically. Outdoors, they are commonly used for hedges or sculptures. Althernanthera plants can be trimmed for it to take on a variety of shapes.

      Care instructions: Althernanthera plants grow well in the sun or partial shade. The brighter the sunlight, the more intense the color of your Alternanthera. Water it whenever the soil feels dry to the touch – soil should be damp (but not wet) at all times.

      Difficulty: ★★

      Water requirements: ★★★

      Maximum size: ★★